How To Play Live Roulette?

Live Roulette is European roulette and you can wait for standardized rules and table layouts. Actually, as far as the rules are concerned, there is nothing original here. In this 37-hole wheel game, and at the highest opportunity bets, the house edge is 2.7%. It should be noted, in fact, that this game does not have a special betting function. However, this is more a limitation of the interface than an exception to the rule. More information about rates can be found in this article.

Bet limit indication

As already mentioned, Live Roulette contains a regular European wheel with numbers 1-36 and one zero. On the felt you will find a regular layout where you can create regular inside and outside bets. You can still expect to see the racetrack, but by default it is not displayed and you need to connect it to create bets on neighbors. The button is placed on the statistics billboard, which, in your opinion, is somewhat awkward. But, fundamentally, in fact, that bets on neighbors are allowed, which, no doubt, is considered a plus.

Main features and available rates

Subsequently, it’s time to tell about several recommendations on betting options in more detail. Normal indoor bets are accepted with payouts ranging from 5: 1 for 6 rows to 35: 1 for straight bets.

For outside bets, the payouts are of course lower due to the high probability of an outcome. Red / black, even / odd and low / high – 1: 1, dozen and column – 2: 1. Bets on neighbors can be created on a standard race track, divided into 4 zones. It is also possible to place an adjacent bet on each number of your choice. However, all bets on the neighboring one are strengthened by 5 numbers – one main number and four of its adjacent numbers. But there are practically no functions to facilitate placing special bets, they are allowed by the rules. Because it’s basically a composition of regular internal rates, you can create them manually. For example, the minimum allowed amount is 10 UAH, and the maximum amount is from 200 UAH, depending on the rate.

Quite a handy feature – automatic reflection of limits depending on the type of bet. Just hover your mouse over the estimated position of your chips, and you will see the limit indicator for your specific bet. The limits are lower for more dangerous bets with higher payouts. Options include audio and video controls. The video quality can be adjusted manually, but before entering the meaning of “High” for it, it is recommended to check the indicator of your connection’s properties.

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